Dockers® x karla Cardigan in Harvest Gold


Dockers® x karla: A collection of American classics, reimagined with unapologetically oversized silhouettes.

We teamed up with Dockers® to create a collection of reinterpreted classics. When designing this collection, visionary stylist Karla Welch drew inspiration from photographs of Georgia O’Keefe and other great pioneers, and how they dressed while navigating the great outdoors

Using the quality materials and artful craftsmanship that have always been a part of our DNA, we seamlessly combined a utilitarian aesthetic with a modern approach to shape. This collection was built for all genders and is meant to be worn however each person sees fit. 

A cardigan based off of a favorite sweater from Karla’s childhood, has a slim, shrunken fit that contrasts the other pieces in the collection. The body hits at the natural waist and the sleeves are bracelet length. Crafted from soft, warm Yak yarn, this piece is built to last. 

Please note that this is a limited edition item, returns and exchanges for the same product may not be available. 

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