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    A walk through the Canadian wilderness. An afternoon under the open prairie sky. Blossoms of yarrow, bergamot and lupine float amid the grasses. These are the aesthetic elements that make up this special collaboration. Designed by stylist and xkarla founder Karla Welch, each piece serves as an homage to the classic outdoors of her childhood home in Canada—with a hint of the vast prairie landscapes thrown in for good measure.

    Grounded in corduroy, the collection features a range of jackets, tops, jeans and overalls that call back to an era when outdoor gear was as stylish as it was functional.

    And while the collection takes inspiration from the classic outdoors and great grasslands of Alberta, there are modern elements that keep it rooted in today.

    “The collection is an ode to my mother and how I imagine her as a prairie girl in Alberta, Canada. Being outside, being a tomboy,” Karla says of the collection. “The flannels, the cord, the fringe—they all have a ruggedness and a connection to nature. It’s clothes to climb trees in.”

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