This is a true story ...

“Karla — I need a long tee shirt, and I want it to be like this” ... that’s how it started. This was 5 years ago and there were no long shirts available ... (neither were drop crotch leather pants or leather hoodies but that’s another story) ... so we made them. Justin was fearless and fun and we went crazy. People HATED it, until they LOVED it. But back to the shirt ... there weren’t any quite long enough ... so, I made a pattern that Justin loved and set to work ... the problem was the fabric — he liked some and didn’t like others but, you know what he loved? HANES white cotton. So, I’d buy Hanes tees in the LARGEST size possible, and we would cut them up and make the shirts out of the original fabric. LONG SHIRTS — you would think we had committed a crime, but the fans loved them! To the point that I would get daily requests ... but of course, they weren’t available to buy. THEN, long shirts started showing up at stores. Really FANCY stores, with really FANCY price tags ... Which brings us to now ... Our style has evolved, but something that has never died is our love of a perfect white tee shirt. So here they are, the original shirt that started it all plus a classic fit ... and of course, I wanted some shirts for ME and all the girls. AND, most of all I wanted them to be affordable. These shirts are made to be worn, washed and worn again and again until they become as perfect as your favorite pair of jeans. Inspired by Justin and made by ME. We hope you love them!

x karla